Skillshare For Nonprofits: Benefits and discounts

What if there was a simple way to level up your team's skills so you could do even more good? There is - it's called Skillshare, and it's an easy, affordable way to strengthen your nonprofit from the inside out.

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On Skillshare, your team members can access thousands of video courses taught by experts in leadership, marketing, fundraising, and more. They can learn on their own time, at their own pace, and even earn certifications to showcase their new skills. Imagine how much more effective your programs and campaigns could be if your staff was equipped with skills like how to craft a compelling social media strategy, build an email marketing funnel that converts, or create a culture of philanthropy.

The best part is, as a nonprofit, you'll get access to everything Skillshare offers at an extremely discounted rate. So why not allow your team to unlock their potential and take your mission to new heights? Skillshare makes it possible.

What Is Skillshare and How Can It Benefit Nonprofits?

Skillshare is an online learning platform where experts teach classes on creative and business skills. As a nonprofit, Skillshare offers your organization access to over 25,000 video tutorials and classes on essential skills like social media, email marketing, project management, and more.

Nonprofit leaders and employees can use Skillshare to strengthen key competencies and pick up new knowledge in an engaging way. Your team will have the opportunity to learn new skills at their own pace, on their own time, from industry leaders. This allows busy nonprofit staff to develop professionally without disrupting their important work.

Skillshare is also an excellent tool for onboarding new hires. You can create customized learning paths to get employees up to speed on your organization’s processes and tech stack. New staff can hit the ground running after going through targeted courses.

For donors and volunteers, Skillshare is a great resource to deepen their understanding of nonprofit work. You can put together classes on your cause, programs, impact measurement, and ways people can get involved. This helps to educate and engage your supporters.

An annual membership provides unlimited access for up to 10 team members. At under $500 per year, Skillshare for Teams is an affordable solution to help your nonprofit nurture talent, increase productivity, and grow your mission. Unlock your organization’s potential with on-demand learning. Skillshare makes professional development practical and accessible for nonprofits.

Taking Advantage of Skillshare's Nonprofit Discount

As a nonprofit, you work tirelessly to fulfill your mission with limited resources. Skillshare wants to support your important work by offering nonprofit organizations exclusive discounts and free access. ###

With Skillshare, your staff and volunteers can strengthen key skills through short video lessons on everything from project management and social media marketing to fundraising and beyond. At just $99/year for nonprofits, it’s an easy way to provide professional development opportunities without straining your budget.

Your donors will appreciate seeing their contributions put to good use. And when your team is performing at their peak, your nonprofit will be better equipped to create meaningful impact. It’s a win-win.

Skillshare has courses for nonprofit professionals at every level. Maybe you have new volunteers who need an overview of your organization and programs. Or experienced staff interested in sharpening their leadership abilities. With a vast range of courses, there’s something for everyone.

To take advantage of the nonprofit discount, simply verify your status during the signup process. Once verified, you'll have access to the entire course library to distribute as you see fit. Why not set up group sessions for your team or share recommended courses in your newsletter?

Every nonprofit deserves support in fulfilling their important mission. With Skillshare’s nonprofit program, you’ll have a powerful tool to strengthen your organization from within. Why not give your team the gift of professional development today? The investment in their skills will yield significant rewards for your cause over the long run.

Top 5 Skillshare Courses to Enhance Your Nonprofit's Success

Skillshare has thousands of video courses that can help boost your nonprofit’s success. Here are 5 of the top courses your team should check out:

Grant Writing for Nonprofits

Learn how to craft a compelling grant proposal to generate funding from foundations and philanthropic organizations. The instructor, a nonprofit consultant, shares practical tips for identifying likely funders, following their guidelines, and writing a persuasive case for support.

Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits

Promoting your nonprofit’s mission and events on social media is key to raising awareness and attracting new supporters. This course teaches you how to develop a social media marketing plan, create engaging content for platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and analyze your results to optimize your efforts.

Leadership Skills for Women

For female nonprofit leaders, this course explores how to build confidence, negotiate, network, mentor others, and overcome obstacles in a male-dominated field. The lessons focus on the unique challenges women face in leadership roles and provide strategies for success. This empowering course is ideal for both new and experienced female leaders.

Photoshop for Nonprofit Design

Create eye-catching graphics, marketing materials, newsletters, and more with Photoshop. This beginner-friendly course shows you how to navigate the Photoshop interface, edit and retouch photos, design print and digital media, and elevate your organization’s visual brand. You’ll pick up practical skills you can put to use right away.

Email Marketing for Nonprofits

Email is a cost-effective way for nonprofits to engage with supporters and promote events, campaigns, fundraising drives, and more. This comprehensive course teaches you how to build an email list, create engaging email content and newsletters, track email performance, and optimize your email marketing program to drive more donations and participation.

With a Skillshare Premium membership, your whole team can access these courses and many more. The affordable annual subscription is well worth the investment for the skills and knowledge your nonprofit can gain. Unlock your organization’s potential today with Skillshare!


By tapping into Skillshare for Business, you open up a world of learning for your team. They can strengthen key skills, pick up new ones, and boost their confidence and competence. For donors and volunteers, Skillshare provides a meaningful way to engage with your mission outside of traditional fundraising or service. They can support your work through learning and developing skills that directly benefit your organization. And of course, Skillshare gives you an innovative new tool for spreading awareness about your cause to a wider audience.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial of Skillshare for Business and start achieving your nonprofit's goals in creative new ways.

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