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Here at For Granted we like say "Treat Us Like A Library!". Every article on our site is purposefully packed with actionable steps and tangible ideas for readers such as your self to leave with meaningful information that you and your team can use to help build capital, strategize, and successfully help the people you serve!

The Base Camp of Knowledge For Non Profit Organizations

The main goal of our articles here at For Granted is to equip those in the non profit space with adequate information on the latest technological resources at hand to make serving our communities more efficient along side tailoring articles with bolstering ideas in spaces such as finance or marketing to ensure that our community leaders have the understanding and the know-how to build capital/funding for the people they serve!


Meet The Team

Founded in 2023, ForGranted Media set out to make a generational shift in the non-profit space. With each team member having grown up as well as worked in the non-profit space, led by Joshua A. Rogers, the team set out fill in the many gaps and pitfalls they've seen and experienced with non-profits. "The biggest challenge is always having an idea", says Cameron, "Whether your in a classroom, a meeting, or by yourself. It's always about wondering what idea can we stand by or all agree on to start taking action. Once everyone as a team comes together to buy-in around a central idea, Magic Happens."

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