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A word from our Founder:

Being a young black man who grew up in the inner-city of Connecticut, to say nonprofit organizations saved my life would be an understatement. My first jobs; mentorships, advocacy groups, and public speaking engagements came from the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club. During a time when the Tri-State/ NY Metropolitan area had one of the greatest influxes of drugs, where many of my friends were unfortunately killed or incarcerated, I found refuge working in education and community outreach in the South Bronx and Harlem (DreamYard Art Center and Americorps, respectively). Fast forward to being 22 years old and homeless in Oakland, CA; a violence prevention organization known as Youth Alive! gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to work with thousands of students in the city and organizations across the United States, leading youth programs and seminars to curb violence in the community. 

All of this is to say that my foundational beliefs are rooted in the spirit of nonprofit service. My mission in life, while impossible, is to pour back the same amount of love that has been poured into me. The purest expression of that love and passion, in its rawest form, is ForGranted Media!

We started ForGranted Media from a place of love and desire to help nonprofits evolve & fill the gas we all experience in the non profit space. Having been a witness and benefactor of the amazing work of organizations, I can speak to the challenges we face in this industry. Whether it be due to the COVID pandemic, the cyclical nature of recessions that affect the families we serve, or the general nature of the beast we all exist in. many organizations, including some that I've worked for were forced to close their doors due to a lack of funding, planning, and/or adaptability. That is where we come in! We provide education, resources, and actionable steps to understand the business and technological advancements necessary to help your organization succeed. The more successful you are in your mission, the more people you can help. The more people you can help, the better our communities will be. 

We all have one common goal: To make this world a better and more equitable place. However, this is not just a goal for us at ForGranted Media. Rather, this tenet is a non-negotiable we live by and stand on.

Welcome to our community!

One love,

Joshua J. Rogers, 


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